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WEKIT ECS is a dynamic start-up company with more than 100 years of combined learning technology experience bringing together established XR experts, computer scientists, business specialists, and design technologists. We are passionate about our advanced XR training solutions that provide economic and social benefits.
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    scientific research
  • 15 Technology
The only GhostTrack solution on the XR training market
Learn knowledge-intensive tasks directly from the luminaries in your field! The MirageXR GhostTrack technology lets you see the world through the eyes of the experts, stepping into their shoes whilst hearing their step by step advice. With the experts no longer physically present, their performance capture continues to guide your workforce effectively using 4D holographic projection. The integrated experience capture links competence with performance, key in autonomous self-improvement.
Based on an industry validated learning approach, our MirageXR products offer an enhanced, location-based experience for learners. MirageXR promises rapid access to expert knowledge more efficiently than ever before. MirageXR offers an all-in-one XR framework that is flexible and customisable for a broad range of industry and sector needs. MirageXR applies the IEEE standard ARLEM to co-develop, co-document, and share XR experience.
  • Open architecture as an agile testbed, gives early access to trending features and tools.
  • Open standards enable growth of the XR community and the industries it serves.
  • Real-time visualisation and feedback leads to effective and more efficient training, validated by industrial trials.
  • In-situ authoring limits the requirement of expert time and allows for the simplified production of training content.
  • Experiential approach allows training without a human expert, learning by doing.
  • Industry validated through our 3 years pre-development research cycle.
We invite research and development organisations, institutions, or communities with a clear focus on innovation and impact projects to work with us for upcoming EU and other research grants. Our approach to XR problem solving is research-led and experimental, focused on industrial research and development. With the MirageXR COMMUNITY open source platform, we offer a resource to the research and development community, which you can use and build upon.
  • Community of users and developers contribute to the knowledge base that grows alongside MirageXR.
  • Free core functionality allows you to experiment with XR training before committing to a budget.
  • Up-to-date system is maintained by a community of open source contributors.
Build your personalised MirageXR experience
We can build a unique XR training product from the MirageXR core for you at a much cheaper price than if you would develop it yourself from scratch. We help you take your training capabilities to another level of innovation and performance at lower cost — with XR guidance as a safety net that allows both self-improvement and efficient training for your experts and employees.
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    and expertise
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  • Performance
MirageXR Enterprise
Our flagship product, MirageXR, is built for customisation, enabling us to fit you with a tailored solution that reflects your workforce strategy and responds to your specific training and business needs at optimal cost benefit. Our experts are available to provide you with an enterprise-grade MirageXR integration plan. In addition we can offer a comprehensive report on business transformation through XR with impact prediction and KPI benefit measurement.
  • Cognitive methods in performance measurement capture training activity for human or machine analytics.
  • Scalability through embedded expert knowledge and analytics: record once, replay widely.
  • Content Repository interfaced with your enterprise infrastructure.
1 500 000 Manufacturing companies pay for training
€13 400 000 Spent every hour
€1051 Per person per year
Up to 85% cost savings possible with MirageXR
Our global reach
We work around the globe to meet your local needs and requirements, and we routinely engage in projects with an extensive international network of experts. With headquarters in Ireland, we have official representatives in Germany, United Kingdom, Norway, and Belgium. Our scientifically-validated training model allows us to provide a universally transferable solution for a wide-range of industries.
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